Basketball Stars™ App Reviews

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Nice game

Could be more playable without internet but the main idea its great!

Too many flaws!!!

I was completely addicted to this game, but it has too many errors!!! Letting someone block you when the ball is practically in the hoop!!! Giving players lucky balls while you get 0!!! Its a fun and addictive game, but until they stop cheating for certain players, it gets 1 star!!!

Cool Game

Frustrating Flaw Money on the weekly competition doesnt get added every win.


This is the best game ever its better then any other basketball game

Great game!!!

I absolutely love this game. So many freebies and the game has phenomenal graphics!!!

Love the game!!

A very enjoyable game however not sure if you buy a fancy ball it seems like you get more shots!?! Seems unfair! Not sure though!

The best basketball iOS games

Its so FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All mini clip games are the best , I AM NOW HOOKED ON THIS ONE, BEST BASKETBALL APP OUT HANDS DOWN . KEEP MAKING THE GREAT GAMES MINI CLIP & I am gonna keep on purchasing.....

Basketball starts

Really in joy this game

Love this game

Its fun!!

As long as its Free

Because they make it so you buy if you want to play consistent ;)

Basketball Stars

This is a great game BUT when playing an opponent they should be better matched, everytime I play a higher level (night game) it always matches me up with higher ranking players! Bring back video bonus $!

Almost 5 Stars Except...

This game, like 8 Ball Pool is incredibly fun and borderline addictive however, unlike 8 Ball Pool, your skill isnt the only factor that determines who wins. The lucky ball (a sparkling blue ball that can gain you doubles points) wasnt thought through. If it was, it was the wrong choice. This "lucky ball" has proven time and time again to be incredibly unlucky at times. It is completely random and can lose you a game against an opponent who youd otherwise crush. Ive gone several games sinking nothing less than repeated "perfect shots" and lost to an inferior opponent given I received zero "lucky balls" in comparison to my opponents 4 or sometimes 5. Not cool. This mistake alone has nearly been enough to drive me from the game permanently. Im hoping the developers figure this little blunder out and make the appropriate update but, Im not holding my breath.


very good

Great simple fun game

This is the best and easy game to play. Simple to get on and play a quick game.

Best basketball game!

No complaints. Probably the most fun Ive had playing a basketball game. 5*****

Great app

Love this game

Really good game app

I love this game app

Great game

This game is great and fun

Lame waste of $$$

Spent over a hundred dollars in app purchases and lost it all when I had reinstall the app... dont waste your money too!!!!

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