Basketball Stars™ App revisa


Trop cool

Super !

Jeu trop trop bien !! Je le recommande !!



Super jeu, graphisme sympa!

Simples e eficiente

Só está travando um pouco

Classe A







Viciante, mt legal Pq jogamos on-line com vários adversários


Top spiel

Süper spiel !


Top spiel.



Low playeble online



Super gra


Super :)




Good game

Terrible for competition

So the tournament comes around and all of a sudden people get 4 lucky balls a game while I only get 1? Come on your cheating me out of my gold with this tournament already . I’m sitting here winning by 15 and all I hear is them getting the lucky ball that sh*t needs to end now

Cool game

Very entertaining

This game is cool

This game is so cool because it can be a help me be a good basketball 🏀 player that can be a good thing because it we are game to be a good shooter but this you it is a 5 star game

This game

Cheats alot

Is a good game you need to played

Is fun and the ones how love basketball are gonna loved


Yo this game is awesome


Great fun basketball game

Good game

Best game ever

The Game Has too many glitches

I love playing one on one’s, but I got to the point where I went from 100,000 dollars to 10,000 because of one on one’s. I would shoot and as soon as the ball goes to the rim, BAM blocked. Then, I would steal the ball but it wouldn’t count and the opponent would score and I’d lose. I would block the ball, but it just kept not working.

Fix the line on the mere

I like it but what’s the point of having the line on the meter because when it it’s right on the line I still miss the basket.

Suky gamw

This ducking game take like a billion years to shoot fix it¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!! Ice JJ fish looking self


It is so easy

App is too slow

The game is lagging in shooting race. The other guy can shoot twice by the time I can get one shot off. No way to win even if your better.


Glitches, Glitches, Glitches... what more needs to be said? Great, Great game. Please fix the Glitch. Gracias!!!

Great game

Actually make lots of progress at free and kid friendly


Basketball stars is epic!


Time out should stop play but it always lets the player continue too make the shot long after the timeout has been displayed But never for me on offense I don’t get it


THIS GAME STINKS if u have a kid over 25% don’t play this. All I did was lose I lost 25000 this game is a ripoff SAVE YOU STORAGE!!!


This game is great with its tactics. You will excel but not too much and it will always keep you from getting too far. You can’t win too many without the game bringing a computer in and beating you if not again a few times. You won’t notice it until you get better and it’s no mystery when you’re against their player. Also, a lot of the players have learned the cheat for the game so good luck with wondering how you’ve not been scored on but lose. It’s really frustrating, and it’s not worth trying to get anywhere. Goodluck!


No me gusta son muy tramposos a veces uno va ganando y le dan mas puntos al oponente lo mas logico es que juegues con los mismos de tu nivel 👎

Basketball 🏀 💩 Star ⭐️ game

girls plays basketball with the girls and also girls sits with the girls and girls plays basketball with the girls in pe and girls says hiya girls and girls asks the girls to play basketball 🏀

My review

I simply love this game especially the fact that you game rewards just for playing such as sport bags containing gear like Jerseys, shorts, sneakers, socks, hats, headbands & arm sleeves even shades and tattoos to customize your character which is so awesome, The only downside to this app is the fact that the items are random so you can open a duffel bag that’s containing an item you already have but overall I love this app so I give it five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Basketball Stars

It is a fun and addicting game


This game is the best game of all the games in the world try it and see for yourself if you don’t download it then you are missing out

Not a good download

Game is laggy and u will make a shot one second and then it will be blocked all of the sudden and this was the problem over a year ago when I started playing then deleted the app because of this and I just deleted it again cause it is a terrible waste of storage on your phone


I hate this game you put people that are good go to 1,000 dollars one so I am losing money now I have none that why this game is the worst GAME ON EART AND THE GALAXY ALL OF THEM

Not really my type but it's ok

It's kind of annoying in my opinion.they need to make more changes and more updates

Basketball stars


Great Game

I enjoy playing this game, when I have the time. It is very competitive when you are playing other people. It has some glitches every now in then but for the most part one of the best basketball apps I have played.

Need to fix this game, and lags,Glitches

It does lag a lot, freezes up when starting a game takes your coins but you can’t play, also Should give out more gold bars when playing! Still the buzzer goes off think I’ve won I can’t shoot but apponent can and wins need to fix! Also not enough female clothing and accessories freezes up a lot! Win bags try to open them and it kicks you out of the game go back and anything I’ve won is gone! Really need to fix this game! This game needs an update!


I like the game really well but the gMe has hung up with me on several occasions causing me to lose the game. This happens mostly when there are a lot of players in the game. It appears that the server is not able to handle a large number of players. Please look into this. One problem is that many times when the buzzer sounds indicating the game is over, the other player shoots the ball and gets credited with a basket but when it's me I can't even shoot the ball. Why is this? Doesn't seem fair to me.


I love this game thank for making it it’s beast👿👿👿

Funglitchy 😩😂🤔is that a word😪

This game was fun at first until it started glitching making me loose in a match I played alot of money in if the glitch can be fix I will re download until then sad to say I have to delete my favorite game 😫😥 PLEASE FIX THE GLITCH

It’s doo doo

Whenever I play this game I always lag and when I lag I loose every time and everytime Iag the opponent gets like 30 or 40 points a do loose everytime because of that

Glitchy, laggy and unfair!

First of all this game is super laggy I have experiences where it says my opponent is trying to connect and a second later they are shooting and I can do anything to block them. Second its unfair I get put against level 43 at level 11 which is not fair. Third is its also super glitchy I lost matches because I have to close the app because it freezes.

Game is awesome

Love it

Love it

I love this game

Timing lags and freezing

When its getting to the end of the match, so let’s say you shoot a couple seconds before the timer ends, and it stops. Then someone shoots a second after the timer stops, and then they win. Freezing:Even when you and your opponent and you or going into a match that is 25,000 in game money or over and it freezes, then you close out of the app and go back in. The money you put in the bet is all gone. So the creator please fix these bugs, and I’d be happy to give you five stars.


So let me get this straight I pull a jumper and the ball is about to go in or is already past or over my defender and some how gets blocked🤔 makes sense I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen in real life or other games but I guess this game is special


I love this game because it has a lot of features to it in other words I LOVE IT!!!!!!


Love it

Good app

This is a good game but I think you should add more stuff in the bags you open

This game is the best always playing it.

This game is the best always playing it.


You have too have like boys sshorts head phones and make prime free but other then that good job guys



Very Fun

I like to play a's better than a cat....and I have 2 cats yet I've played over 4,000 basketball stars matches in about 2 years....bring it on!

Game freezes

A lot of that needs improvement. And should just change the gym bags to purchase with cash value or do like a store closet to buy from to save from getting the same gear as much. Just a thought.

Better moves should be added

Need more moves on the court like fadeaway jumpers and layups


This game is absolutely garbage. You have a whole currency that you can’t even use. Everything is overpriced for this garbage game

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