Basketball Stars™ App revisa


Trop cool

Super !

Jeu trop trop bien !! Je le recommande !!



Super jeu, graphisme sympa!

Simples e eficiente

Só está travando um pouco

Classe A







Viciante, mt legal Pq jogamos on-line com vários adversários


Top spiel

Süper spiel !


Top spiel.



Low playeble online



Super gra


Super :)




Good game


This game is the best basketball game I’ve played😊But make it more easy to get bags please!


I think this game is very fun and an entertaining game for when ur just boarded and feel like playing ball well anyway u need to make it easier to get gold bars and tokens bc I've only had 3 tokens for the whole time I've been playing and 6 gold bars and u should make it so u can buy bags with money and not just with with gold bars also u should make it so u get 2 tokens every shot and not one or maybe three but ya please do that and this game game will be awsome


This game is the best I love it thanks for making it great one thing I didn’t get not even one dunk king outfit


This game is so fun and good


Good game it’s awesome good for mobile

No major problem found by me it was good thanks


Fun Basketball shoot

Fun and easy to play. Easy controls, timing is the key. Good graphics. I like the variety of games.


I started to love this game but one thing I can’t tolerate is when the other player is in the air after the shot leaves me hand and it where the opponent is up to slow or get there to slow to block it and they block it. It is getting ridiculous at this point, please fix it. p.s now when I block a shot it gives the other opponent points this has become unacceptable.


I like it

Rig and glitchy and cheating

Please fix this game it is really rag and glitchy and always cheating that is why I gave u all a 3 out of 5 because this game needs bug fixes and an update so please fix that thank you very much

Love the Game...but....

Love the game but it is getting boring doing the same things over and over. The Dunk game is extremely boring as nothing ever changes or gets accomplished. In the Attacking mode why not have a dunk option? Anything to spice it up some. Also, the more I advance the worse the glitches advance, opponents shoot and score after the timeout, opponents develop super speed etc.

Decent yet could be great

The game is the game so either you like it or you don’t. I like it so no problems there. The only cons with the game are: 1) you accumulate cash in the game yet THERE IS NOTHING TO SPEND IT ON (bags, balls, upgrades, unlock levels etc) so why have it??? You can only use gold which you can only gain very infrequently so it makes it a pay to play game. 2) the amount for you to raise tiers is so high compared to the levels you play that you just playing and beating the levels aren’t enough. Ex. I had just reached Tier 6 on level 15. In order to play Level 20 I have to be a level 7, which was 976pts. I only earned 600 between 15-19. So now what, play single levels when people aren’t online.

changes needed

the bags should go back to buy them with cush because its too much gold to spend on it and should include a new match for 500k there is only 200k and than 1m a 500k match would be good to be in there and for the rest everything its allright


Awesome game to play and be forewarned it’s extremely addictive.

Not bad

Fun and ez

I’m concerned

OK so I just open the app and there was a free spin so once I hit the free spin button I landed on the green $100,00 dollar bar but I didn’t get $100,000 because the spin kept going and it stoped on the $4,000 dollar bar so I was upset cause I clearly stoped on the $100,000 bar and I don’t know if the app was cheating me or there was a technical difficulty but this is very upsetting.

Need more female prizes

The game is cool but majority of the prizes are male targeted. My avatar is female and I don’t receive a lot of gender related items.

Stupid physics

How is the ball gonna go in the basket and come out who does the person miss a perfect line up how do blocks alway work even if you not close to the opponent how do you give the option to steal right when you get the ball. I recommend no one play this game👎🏽

I’m telling if you don’t download it you lose it.

It’s an awesome game to play for who dunks and jumps so good like me, and if you bored as hell and don’t know what to play as sport game, I prefer to show you this game by miniclip.


This game is a little bit slow because when I play it some times my phone just dies

They cheat

This is the worst game ever because they cheat the give me level 27 when I’m a level 11

Hackers 🙄!!!!

I love this game but the problem is that some peolpe are hackers this game and that need to be reported it now!!! Because I was playing with one player and he hacked on my game for not play and get frozen too much because they hackers the game some of tham are cheating are tooo please please remove and report about hackers and cheating:////!!!!b

It’s alright but...

I love this game.. It’s challenging and it’s just an overall good game. Defending needs to be worked on. The ball will be shot about 5 seconds before the defender will jump and it will say he blocked the ball even when the ball is already basically in the hoop.

The game

It’s a good game and I love it thanks for making it


I love this game but it has way too many glitches. When I shoot the ball and it’s hits the rim and bounces the opponent blocks the shoot.

Needs to be fixed

There are so many bugs in this game. It will just crash sometimes and I’ll lose a lot of cash. And you can’t buy bags with cash anymore which is terrible. And I have to wait hours to open a bag unless I want to spend gold on it.



Street Baller

Fun game just would like to dunk on my opponents Lol

Best game ever

I love this game !!!!!! 😘😘😘🙂🙂🙂😍😍😍😍


It’s okay but I do not like the fact that you can only upgrade your ball with gold now, it’s hard to get gold and you have to check daily to see if the ball you would like to upgrade is available that day. I also find it frustrating that it cost so much to move on in career. I liked it before when a ball cost a certain amount and you could just buy it out. Why did mini games get taken away? I finally learned how to play it good and got plenty tokens to buy a new ball and they took it away. I do like the fact that the games seems more capitative then before. I think the game should have more options to upgrade your balls.


Awesome game has entertained me for a year now. And the tournaments are really fun

Glitches R Us

The farther my player gets advanced, the worst this game gets. My opponent just scores a basket, then next thing you know they steal it and I miss taking a turn. Happens all the time now. How bout the player getting a block on you when the ball has either gone through the basket or it’s about to go in. Isn’t that goaltending? Although I have never seen anyone in history jump straight up in front of you and manage to block the ball as it is going in the basket.....that’s incredible. Constant problems with the game slowing down in the middle of the game and your opponent has either scored or stole the ball from you.....and your like how is that possible.....we are both experiencing the same problem right....unless they are creating the problem and cheating. The other issue is that I don’t rarely play the shooting contest aspect as it seems no matter who I play and what level they are at, they get more points. Doesn’t matter the ball I use and I don’t miss a shot and some dude is scoring 120 points and I didn’t even hit 100? Doesn’t seem to be to realistic to me. Especially when you hit all your shots and even get the backboard bonuses. I like competition but getting real tired of losing due to glitches and not because I sucked.


Definitely a game that's highly recommended!!

Bring it back

Miniclip I used to play this everyday but you know why I stopped because it’s not make it take it meaning if you score you get the ball right back and when I play now I just quit and play sba or something please bring make it take it back I’m pretty sure lots of people would agree with my review anyway have a good day and hopefully you read my review and make change GOODBYE.

Basketball stars

The game is epic i love it so much Thank you mini clip

No gold

Great game, however, I puRchased 19.99 dollars worth of gold and didn’t receive it. Had no way of contacting anyone to fix the problem.



Read now!

This game is a.m.a.z.i.n.g! I LOVE IT! Everybody who rads this needs to get this game now.🤗

It’s confusing

I like the game but I don’t know how to add the person that you play against. It doesn’t let you.


This game is fun and all but every time I play a atactbdefender it always goes and then he blocks it but it already made it to the baskit


Every time I start winning like crazy, this game starts to make it impossible to win, like I just did now winning so hard in summer championship then the game proceeded to give the opponent more points than usual and I would shoot a perfect shot and the ball wouldn’t even go in. Developers, if you are reading this, ur game is trash and is rigged every time you start having a huge streak and it’s the reason me and my brother deleted this stupid game.👎👎👎

Awesome game but frustration looms

Totally hooked on this game but cannot help but notice that even if you play a perfect round you can still lose. Also, the bonus baskets will literally pop up when it is impossible for you to score on them and then you are penalized after the opponent scores a bonus and then your basket not counting as much. Very frustrating and cannot understand how if a perfect round is played you still do not win or while on other matches you are not given the opportunity to score the bonus baskets at all - on EVERY single bonus basket of the match that for some reason is impossible for you to score on sometimes. Especially true when you are trying to play in the high dollar matches that are scarce of players to begin with-this is one of those reasons if any developers were wondering.

My View

Great fun app!!!!

Not accurate

When I shoot a ball I block it does it like 5 secs after

Worst game ever

Complete trash waste of space.

Add more crazy hoops!!

More crazy hoops for please!!! Or make a app lol it’s fun!!

Fun game

Fun game, I like playing with different online people, A great idea, I have spent some money playing to get cool stuff, but overall the game is Fun to play

Download this game!

Love this app

addictive but fun

this game is addictive but fun. the games cheats you a lot but it gives you so many chances to redeem yourself.


Game keeps freezing and im up under 5g WiFi but it only happens on important matches and when im watching videos for the free's starting to seem intentional because when I play a $1500 match the app works smooth but when I play a $50000 match it freezes and when I watch a video for the free dunk or spin the wheel it freezes and then I gotta watch plenty videos without getting what I just wasted 25-30 seconds 4x.......why does the opponent get the money ball way mote than I do I be winning yall will give me the money ball once my opponents will get it 4 times or if its a draw yall give them the money ball in the added ten seconds and once again it be the big matches tho whats up with that if yall look at my data from playing yall would see everytime im winning yard give them the money ball 4times and while they are on 🔥and I get it once when im not like come on now is it yall family or friends or something yall cheating for

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