Basketball Stars™ App revisa


Trop cool

Super !

Jeu trop trop bien !! Je le recommande !!



Super jeu, graphisme sympa!

Simples e eficiente

Só está travando um pouco

Classe A







Viciante, mt legal Pq jogamos on-line com vários adversários


Top spiel

Süper spiel !


Top spiel.



Low playeble online



Super gra


Super :)




Good game


It's a cool game. Lags way to much. Also a few times i have been told at Beginning of a new week that I did not play last week and did not receive none of my bonus is not really happy with this

Premium vs standard vs basic baketball

I recently bought 2 higher level balls one with gold and one with cash but they perform exactly the same as the basic basketball. It's so frustrating I just spent $700,000 on a ball that doesn't do anything.

Decent game

I like this game a lot and have played it before but while I was playing against someone, it said I had blocked their shot and then said that they won. They need to fix this error now or else I'll have to tell my friends to delete the app.


I love this game!

Basketball Stars the game

This game is only for those with the basketball but not even is really fun game to play when you’re bored.The only thing u need to have money to play basketball.The is free which Lit😍😘

Starting not to like the game!! 😡😡

I use to love this game but hate how it freezes up and at times slows down during a shooting match. If this continues to happen, I’m definitely deleting it.

Basketball Stars

If I was a gamer and a beginner at this game which I am, I can say this is fun for a old man like me of 70+Age. So you old people that have nothing to do try this.

Fix the glitches

Nothing gets me screaming with rage more than having my ball blocked while it is clearly in the net



This game is unfair

You have to swipe straight not the shot meter what’s the point of having a shot meter when It depends how straight you swipe.

Pass time

It’s a great way to stay entertained while waiting....

Best until new update

Now every time you show it stops the game to reply your shot as it goes in. Screws up the whole rhythm of the game. Please change it back!!

So good

This game s the best game ever😆😆😆😆😆😆

The way you think playing the game is the way you think period

This is Genius The way you think playing the game is the way you think period


Since I started playing this I can’t put it down!


I like the game but there are some glitches and questionable things

Perfect release but still miss

What's the whole point of making sure I bring it to the line if I'm just gonna miss. Stop trying to get money from people and make your game something it was set out to be. Free games aren't suppose to have people spend money


Love this game

Great Game

Love It

The best basketball baseball game ever


You game is whack

Your games is poop becauase every dang time I play they cheated and got 21 extra points WTW I AM deleting it and might not ever freaking come back


I love this game !!

It’s not realistic

The balls already at the rim and they block it

New update is booboo

Man, I absolutely love this game - it’s probably my favorite iPhone game ever...but the new update adds a highlight element to the attacker-defender game, which slows it down and kills the rhythm. It’s so unfortunate and I wish it will be removed.


This game is trash is started me over for no reason I can’t believe it I thought this game was good but I was wrong. WORST GAME EVER!!!!!


When we have free cash like 500 can you make it 10,000,000 dollars please


I love this game it's the best...


This game is fun but the cloths when you earn them after a while they go away you but the bags then about a day later they go away this is a small glitch that hast to go away


This game is cheating and biased

Super Glitchy

Too many glitches to mention.. unfair matchups. I even feel sorry for some of the opponents I have to play. i’m on level 31 and they’ll be on level six. not much fun for them. When I was on lower levels I was playing people that was on level 90.

It’s glitchy

I was playing a game and I was good shots and I missed them. Also, while I was playing i would move to the side and shoot open then the other player would glitch and somehow block the shot


Good game to kill time.


The game cheats to so basically glitches and for instance if you’re a level 5 they put you against a 47 that’s not right


This is one of the best games EVER yeah sometimes it does make me rage but it is super fun even the shooting race that's the BEST it's so fun and I'm giving it a 5 solid star really hope you get it and it's FREE and some games you have to pay that boring so sun ohhh but not with this no nooo


Best game and time killer

Rigged so bad

It's fun but it's really rigging very bad you shot and it's in but it's still saying it's blocked.


It's so easy make it hard and lower the prices so people like this game like I do


It’s been numerous times where my ball was almost in the basket and it was counted as a “blocked shot”. Really pisses me off.


This game is too glitchy. I have lost several games due to freezing. Just a few minutes ago it actually glitched and when I got it back on all my cash was gone. Probably going to delete.

Breaking ankles all day!

This game is dope af!👌

Great game

I love this game, it’s highly addictive. Thanks to my 12 yr old, I can’t stop playing this. Win or lose, this game is fun!


Best best best game ever boi Thank u


I like this game very much it is so fun I play it every chance I get


This is a great basketball game myself and my whole clan plays this game

Awesome game

I like how u can come back from a loss by gettin on fire and hittin jus right


U need to have mascots in the game like a nba mascot. People can earn the mascot.

This game

I love this game but I wish we could write our own comments

real good

it’s good man

Ball family

I love this game i will never stop playing this game


Great basketball game!!!

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